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Watching a Weepy Film May be a New Way to Reduce the Symptoms of Eczema

Monday, 10 March 2008

Eczema Club note: This really unique eczema treatment should also pose a question: Does being sensitive actually helps eczema suffers? I think it does. What do you think? Leave your comment about it on this post.

Research based on 60 patients with atopic eczema who had an allergy to latex, shows that those who cried while watching Kramer Vs Kramer had a reduced allergic response immediately afterwards.

The patients viewed a weather information video and the sad movie, and after each viewing various tests — including allergic response to latex — were carried out by researchers at Satou Hospital, in Osaka, Japan.

The results show that after watching the film about the weather, there was no change.

But in 44 out of the 60 patients who cried after watching Kramer Vs Kramer, there were significant changes.

They had reduced allergic responses, including skin wheals, and lower levels of antibodies to latex.

One theory is that the emotional effect of crying has some beneficial impact on the immune system, although exactly how is unclear.

A special type of silk material may be as good as some drug-based treatment for eczema.

Research by dermatologists at the University of Zurich shows that the antimicrobial material was as effective as steroid creams.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema can be aggravated by irritation and bacteria, and in the research the doctors compared the antimicrobial silk fabric — DermaSilk — with a rub-on corticosteroid.

Fifteen girls wore a dress where the left side was made of DermaSilk and the right side was made of cotton.

The right arm and leg were treated daily with a corticosteroid, mometasone, for seven days.

Results show that for both treatments, there was a significant decrease of eczema after seven days.

"No significant difference between DermaSilk-treated and corticosteroid-treated skin could be observed.

"DermaSilk showed potential to become an effective treatment of atopic dermatitis," say the researchers.

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Eczema Club reader review

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