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Shiitake Mushroom Eczema Treatment

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Eczema Club note: You might want to try Shiitake Mushroom for natural eczema treatment. Please note, although generally not considered as mainstream natural eczema treatment (like licorice and evening primrose oil do), appropriate use of the medicinal mushroom proves to be effective in treating eczema.

Name: Lentinuna edodes

Main medical uses:

* cancer
* high cholesterol level
* influenza, cold
* rheumatism
* arthritis

General information about medicinal mushrooms:

In contrast to general medicine, which intends to fight the illness, therapy with medicinal mushrooms concentrates on maintaining physiological homeostasis – that means restoring our bodies' balance (for example, the balance of minerals, enzymes, hormones, water, electrolytes or immune cells) and natural resistance to disease.

Medicinal mushrooms have a regulative effect, which means they can for example help to lower blood pressure in those with hypertension and increase blood pressure in those with hypotension.

These mushrooms really have a phenomenal healing potential. They are able to stimulate immune function; ward off viruses, bacteria, and fungi; reduce inflammation; combat allergies; help balance blood sugar levels.

About Shiitake

Shiitake has been mentioned in literature as highly effective medicinal mushroom for centuries. In China and Japan, but in the US as well, Shiitake or rather the extract is used very successfully in conjunction with other cancer therapies.

For some time now, Shiitake can be also purchased more and more often in Europe, which is in particular due to its delicious flavor. Only very few people know about the important health benefits of this mushroom, which is cultivated on saw dust. In order to benefit from its excellent nutritional value it is necessary to eat it often – at best daily.

You can purchase fresh and dried mushrooms, as well as highly concentrated extract and powder e.g. in tablet form.

Constituents and uses

The mushroom contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins, such as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, B vitamins, folic acid, pro-vitamin D (ergosterin), which is essential for vegetarians. The most relevant active constituent of Shiitake is the polysaccharide lentinan which has demonstrated to stimulate the immune system and have anti-tumor effects; another active compound isolated from Shiitake, eritadenine has been shown to lower blood levels of cholesterol.

A research study by Joachim Eder of the University Weihenstephan describes the renowned effects of Shiitake. It has proven to have anti-cholesterol, antiviral and anti-tumour effects.
Extracts of this study:

…studies have been carried out to investigate in what way eritadenine, which is contained in Shiitake, lowers blood cholesterol levels; it has been shown that a lipoprotein complex which keeps cholesterol in the liver was inhibited; consequently, cholesterol processing and excretion is accelerated… To put it briefly, the blood cholesterol level (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) is decreased effectively.

…the antiviral effects have already been investigated in the 1970s. Shiitake spores and fruiting body extracts stimulated resistance to viral infections in mice. The increased production of interferon inhibits the reproduction of viruses...what has been proven in mice in the 1970s, meanwhile has been confirmed again and again in terms of humans. The reason for the antiviral effects is found in the RNA of Shiitake; which demonstrated interferon and immune stimulating activity to inhibit viral infections.

The anti-tumor effects of Shiitake are especially due to lentinan, a very beneficially polysaccharide and constituent of Shiitake; lentinan consists mainly of beta-glucan which produces a complete tumor regression in mice.
These are only a few of the active constituents of Shiitake; by far not all. This mushroom can also be used in the treatment of rheumatism; it is possible to achieve a regression of the typical symptoms (pain and restriction of movement) and even a complete recovery!

Recently, there are reports that in same rare cases sensitive people might experience allergic reactions (for example a rash which disappears shortly after stopping the ingestion). Therefore, it is recommended to start with a minor dosage of Shiitake and increase the amount slowly. Thereby, the organism can get used to it. If the rash still occurs, it will be better to stop the ingestion and take another mushroom instead.

Experience of an eczema sufferer:

Shiitake against infections, easing of skin eczemas

Ms H. takes 2-3 Shiitake tablets as soon as she feels a sore throat, a cold or an infection in the head. In the last 3 years, all infections have been gone after only a few hours. She also suffers from returning skin eczemas, which spread out and itch very much. She takes Ling Zhi extracts right in the beginning and the eczema eases faster and is easier to bear.

Important note:

In our dosage indications we distinguish between powder and extract. It is important whether you take powder or extracts, because the difference can be decisive!

Therefore we give you this information:

You can purchase powder lose, in special mixtures, in tablet form and capsule form. In the process of production the whole fruiting body is dried and then, powdered. Mushroom powder contains all minerals, vitamins etc.

Extract can usually be purchased in capsule form (note: some suppliers offer powder in capsule form!!). The fruiting body is dried and powdered. Then, the powder is extracted via hot water extraction; that means that all water-soluble ingredients dissolve in the water and are then retrieved as powder when dried. All not-water-soluble ingredients are washed out and are not contained in the extract.

This process of extraction is being used in order to maintain a high content of polysaccharides, which are decisive in treatment of serious (cancer-) diseases. Polysaccharides are water-soluble and 20-times more concentrated in the extract than in the powder! That means, to have the same effect you would have to take 20-times more of the powder.

In general, it can be said that powder is used for discomforts and non-life-threatening diseases and the extract is especially used for acute and serious diseases, like for example cancer; often the extract is combined with the powder.

It is understandably that extract is more expensive than powder, which is another reason why you should make sure whether you buy powder or extract. Unfortunately, there are some suppliers who try to make powder look like extract and do not declare this appropriately.


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