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Eczema Flare Ups after Days of Terrible Weather

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Weather really come into play in new eczema patch creation :)

Especially where my wife and I live, bad weathers are really THAT bad. Does weather really that influentials?

In my experience, yes it does. The problem with all of us with eczema is that our body is built based on our early ages environmental conditions. To refer, an eczema research has shown that exposure to bacterial toxin in the home may protect infants from eczema.

Based on the research, I assume that during our early stages of life, our body build some patterns in the immune system that are 'memorised'. In later stages of life, the immune system 'remember' to protect our body from harms that was caused in the past. Therefore, a change in the exposure pattern will effect the immune system.

I have no evidence whatsoever regarding this, but I use this logic to understand why today's global warming and rapid climate changes are one of the biggest factors contributing to eczema flare ups frequency. Even some people I know are new eczema sufferers recently!

Then, what can we do about it? Protect yourself not only from irritants, but also from the weather! There's one thing that I can suggest you to do as a habit - AVOID HAVING A DRY SKIN - bathe less often during rapid weather changes, or if you insist to bathe, please use moisturising creams or soap with moisturisers in order to protect you from dry skin.

Hopefully this helps.



Both my daughters have eczema and this is very true. In the winter it is awful but summer is eczema free. Great info!

IvanPW said...

Thanks, Heidi.

Wishing your daughters well :)

Eczema Club reader review

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"Great looking blog and a good little niche to help fellow sufferers. The laout is easy on the eye and the navigation a breeze. I liked the article on water softeners. Its great that you provide your readers with information like ongoing studies and research. As for you question, I really don't know of any way you can improve your blog. It looks great to me. I wish you all the best."
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