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Tea Tree Oil and Eczema

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Tea tree oil, which is otherwise referred to as melaleuca oil is pale and nearly clear in appearance and is of golden color and is derived from leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia that you will find grows in Australia and more particularly along the northwest coast of New South Wales, and which is believed to have many beneficial properties including being anti-septic and also anti-fungal. One should not however is mislead by the word tea in this particular case as it is not really tea oil at all even though it is used in many different ways.

Plenty Of Evidence That Suggests Tea Tree Oil Is Very Beneficial For Eczema

Tea tree oil and eczema can be said to go well together because there is enough evidence to suggest that there is vast potential for using tea tree oil for treating eczema and it is also good anti-septic for other infections as well. And, there has also been much positive feedback from researchers who have studied the use of tea tree oil and eczema and found that tea tree oil is promising for this condition and though it does help treat eczema, it is not limited in this respect as it can also be added to some cleaning products such as laundry detergents as well as bathroom cleaners to provide effective results.

Another positive aspect with regard to tea tree oil and eczema is that it is a viable alternative to the many drugs available for treating eczema and this natural remedy is not some quackery, but very useful in a number of instances including for the treatment of eczema. However, before choosing tea tree oil for treating eczema makes sure to be aware that not all of the tea trees oils are of good quality and not every one of these products are obtained from Melaleuca alternifolia.

That means having to check labels and being on the lookout for active ingredients such as terpinen 4-ol as well as cineole that cause skin irritation which means that they should be present in proper level which should be no more than thirty percent for terpinen 4-ol and not more than fifteen percent for cineole. Anything above these limits and you won’t get any good results from tea tree oil and eczema.

Some people that have had long standing eczema problems and who have tried many natural as well as pharmaceutical creams to treat the problem and had not met with any success have found that tea tree oil and eczema were well suited and having used lotion containing tea tree, the eczema problem disappeared. So, you can safely try out tea tree oil for eczema and not regret this alternative and natural method of treating the problem.

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Eczema Club reader review

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