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Dead Sea Eczema Treatment with Climatotherapy

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Dead sea-related eczema therapies have been evangelised to be effective to remedy eczema, naturally.

What is Dead Sea Eczema Treatment?

The Dead Sea region is recognised worldwide for its efficacy in the treatment of dermatological diseases, as well as other health problems. Dead Sea, located in Israel, is touted (and has been researched) to have healing properties for eczema, psoriasis, mycosis fungoides, vitiligo, arthritis, asthma and other health problems.

Dead Sea treatment is part of climatotherapy regime, as well as the well-known use of Dead Sea mud for skin care and skin problem therapies. It has been said that Dead Sea is the biggest, widest natural spa on earth.

What is Climatotherapy

Climatotherapy is the use of sunlight and water (such as the ocean) as therapy. The Dead Sea in Israel is known for its healing properties, and many people with eczema go there to sit in the sun and swim in the water. Studies suggest that this is a successful treatment for eczema. One study looked at the experience of more than 1,500 people with eczema and found that 95% of skin was cleared in people who had previous stays at the Dead Sea and stays longer than 4 weeks.

The Dead Sea Water

The Dead Sea water contains high concentration of salts and minerals in a unique composition, rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide, etc. No such combination is found in other sea / ocean.

The Sun Over Dead Sea

The almost year-round sunny days (averaging 330 days) at the Dead Sea allow you to sunbathe for extended periods with no damage since the harmful ultraviolet radiation (mainly the UVB) is attenuated by traversing an extra 400 meters of atmosphere and a haze of water vapor and aerosols naturally overhanging the Dead Sea.

The Many Benefits of Dead Sea Climatotherapy

In skin diseases, such as eczema, it has been shown :

  • To be at least as effective as other treatment modalities both in terms of disappearance of lesions and duration of remission.
  • The overall UV radiation dose to which the patient is exposed is markedly smaller than in any artificial treatment modality.
  • That the unique conditions present at the Dead Sea enable adequate sun exposure containing the specific healing range of UV radiation while the more damaging solar rays are strongly attenuated by natural filtration.
  • That recurrences are usually less severe than the previous attack.
  • That the relaxed environment facilitates social interaction and psychological encouragement
  • No corticosteroids or cytotoxic medications are required
  • To be more cost effective than many other treatments


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Eczema Club reader review

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