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Placebo Method for Eczema Treatment

Thursday, 28 February 2008

For eczema sufferers with strong psychological links to their eczema outbreaks, placebo method is proven to be effective in some cases to remedy eczema symptoms with the most natural treatment of all - neither topical nor oral eczema treatments - with, just like any other medication methods, some side effects.

What is Placebo?

In general, placebo is a medicine given for the purpose of making patients believe that he/she is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases.

Most placebo medicines don't have any physical curative effect and contain no curative ingredients.

The premise behind placebos is that a part of patient's healing process, beside the curative ingredients themselves, is confirming and believing that taking a 'medicine' will actually help him/her to solve his/her physical problems / diseases.

This applied to eczema case by providing medicines that are said to treat the patient's eczema.

The Negatives of Placebo in Eczema Treatment

The patient, by psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief, but the internal deep-seated causative disease factors remain the same and further dangerously accumulates into a complicated case of disease.

Furthermore, the psychological results of placebo is artificial - the placebo helps an eczema sufferer to 'medicate' his/her skin problems by 'tricking' him/her into believing, not by encouraging him/her to have better will power, motive, mindset and understanding to triumph over his/her eczema.


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Eczema Club reader review

"You have a great site with honest evaluation of dangerous herbal products plus the good advice. Many will be helped by your site if they apply what you have posted."
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