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"A very good informative site about this very distressing condition. As an ex sufferer myself I can really relate to this as it advocates natural remedies rather than drugs and medicated ointments. A good site for the topic."
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Eczema in the Winter

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Eczema Basics

Although kids with eczema typically have flares, or times when their skin gets red and itchy, year-round, winter can be a particularly bad time of year for kids with eczema.

Contributing to eczema problems during the winter include:

  • cold, dry air outside, and harsh windy days
  • dry air inside, and associated low humidity, because you often have the heater on
  • wearing heavy clothing, with irritating fabrics, including wool, to try and keep warm

To help prevent eczema flares during the winter, be sure to follow your usual skin care regimen, which should include the use of mild soaps, frequent use of moisturizers, and avoiding known triggers.

During the winter, you may need to increase the use of a moisturizer or switch to something 'stronger.' For example, if you typically use a lotion to moisturize your child's skin, consider switching to a cream, or better yet, an ointment, such as Aquaphor.

A humidifier and keeping your home at a comfortable, but not overly warm, temperature can also be helpful. Keep in mind that the regular use of a humidifier can increase dust mites and mold, and if your child with eczema also has allergies or asthma, then it could worsen those conditions.

Most importantly, if your child's eczema is usually worse in the winter, schedule an appointment with your pediatrician so that you can be prepared for any extra flares that your child gets and you can discuss better preventative skin care.

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Eczema Club reader review

"You have a great site with honest evaluation of dangerous herbal products plus the good advice. Many will be helped by your site if they apply what you have posted."
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"Great looking blog and a good little niche to help fellow sufferers. The laout is easy on the eye and the navigation a breeze. I liked the article on water softeners. Its great that you provide your readers with information like ongoing studies and research. As for you question, I really don't know of any way you can improve your blog. It looks great to me. I wish you all the best."
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