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The Danger of Eczema Herpeticum

Monday, 18 February 2008

If you are an eczema sufferer, you need to know about the dangers of eczema herpeticum. On its own, eczema mostly is irritating rather than a life threatening condition. You experience red, dry, and itchy patches of skin either located in just one area or all over your body, from head to toes. As such, you can suffer from discomfort and embarrassment over your outward appearance. You may also find difficulty sleeping at night as your itchy skin keeps you awake all night. However, a condition of eczema exists that describes a dangerous and potentially fatal consequence - eczema herpeticum.

Eczema herpeticum occurs when your eczema skin becomes infected with the herpes simplex virus. It can wreck damage to the vital organs in your body if left untreated and it could even cause death.

What are some of the symptoms of eczema herpeticum that you should watch for? They include a crusted, blistery rash that can be widespread on the body, tiredness and fever. Although these symptoms on their own do not sound life threatening, but if you have them coupled with a history of cold sores, then you are at risk. You should visit your doctor as soon as possible. An early treatment of eczema herpeticum can halt the spread of the herpes simplex infection in your body. Because of this, treatment is normally begun on an immediate basis and even before test results can be concluded. Your doctor cannot afford to waste time as this infection works fast.

The most common treatments for this infection are via acyclovir and valaciclovir. Treatment is needed quickly to prevent secondary infections, such as streptococcus, from developing. If left untreated, this infection can overtake the functions of your major organs, including the eyes, liver, brains, and lungs and can cause death. Hence, if you experience pain or any unusual symptoms while having an eczema outbreak, it is best that you consult your doctor.

The dangers of eczema herpeticum are real. Eczema herpeticum may not sound like a common threat but their incidences have been increasing over the last few years. Hence, take some responsibilty over your health by becoming aware about eczema herpeticum and take extra precautions while you are having a skin outbreak.

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Eczema Club reader review

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