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"A very good informative site about this very distressing condition. As an ex sufferer myself I can really relate to this as it advocates natural remedies rather than drugs and medicated ointments. A good site for the topic."
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Nummular Eczema (Discoid Eczema)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Eczema is a skin disease that often runs in families. It is generally caused by stress and contact with certain chemicals or allergens. The word "nummular" is taken from the Latin word nummus, which means a small coin. Nummular eczema is in the form of coin shaped patches. It is an allergy-related skin disorder that causes itchy patches. These patches are commonly seen on the arms, back, buttocks and lower legs. They generally form crusts and are extremely itchy. It is also known by an alternative name, called nummular dermatitis.

Nummular eczema is generally a chronic, recurring condition. Exposure to environmental irritants, temperature changes and stress worsens its state. The cause of nummular eczema is unknown. It is an uncommon disorder, but occurs mostly in elderly men.

The symptoms of nummular eczema are itchiness and the formation of skin lesions that appear as pustules or patches. Scaly skin and redness or inflammations are other usual symptoms. It is diagnosed based on the appearance of the skin and on personal and family history. A skin biopsy may sometimes be needed to exclude other conditions with a similar appearance.

The cause of nummular eczema is unknown. Treatment is largely directed at relief of the major symptoms of itching and burning. Topical treatments are used to treat nummular eczema. The treatment includes that application of soothing lotions, soaps, or wet dressings. Mild antipruritic lotions or topical steroids are used to soothe scaly, dry, less acute or healing areas. Chronic areas are treated with ointments or creams that contain tar or corticosteroids that are lubricating and skin softening.

Nummular eczema is a chronic condition, but it can be controlled with proper treatment. Possible complications are secondary infections of the skin. There is no known way to prevent the disorder. Avoiding environmental irritants and other aggravating factors may reduce the severity of symptoms in people who have nummular eczema.

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Eczema Club reader review

"You have a great site with honest evaluation of dangerous herbal products plus the good advice. Many will be helped by your site if they apply what you have posted."
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"Great looking blog and a good little niche to help fellow sufferers. The laout is easy on the eye and the navigation a breeze. I liked the article on water softeners. Its great that you provide your readers with information like ongoing studies and research. As for you question, I really don't know of any way you can improve your blog. It looks great to me. I wish you all the best."
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